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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sort of issues can Therapeutic Coaching help me with?

I can help you with any issue that involves you making changes: This could be around your personal life or your business performance.
If you are not sure whether Therapeutic Coaching could help you, simply call me for a free, no-obligation conversation.

2. What happens in the process?

The Therapeutic Coaching will mostly entail you talking and me listening. However, of course, I will also be asking you searching and thought-provoking questions designed to help you shift your normal thinking patterns and expand your personal repetoire. There may also be actions you will need to take during and between the sessions to keep you moving towards your goals. There may also be mid-session phone calls or emails , either for you to give me feedback on how you are getting on, or if you need some additional support. Hopefully, there will also be some laughter.

3. Will what I talk about be confidential?

In nearly all cases, yes, absolutely. The sessions are strictly between you and me. However, the only exceptions to this may be if you are having coaching within the context of your organisation; in which case it may be that your superiors/sponsers will want to know that the sessions are delivering the required outcomes. If this is so, details of the content of the coaching will not be shared as they are confidential; together we will clarify exactly what information will be shared, by whom, how and when, before we begin any coaching. It will be transparent.

4. How long will each session be?

Initial: free 20 minutes to explore whether this is the option for you.
In-person: usually 60 or 90 minutes, but I am open to other times if that is what works best for your particular circumstances and needs.
Skype and telephone: 60 or 90 minutes.

5. How many sessions will I need?

This depends upon what you want to achieve and how in-depth you would like to go in the sessions. The more goals or the more complex they are, potentially the more support you may need, and so the length of our work together will reflect this. The beauty of Therapeutic Coaching is that we can use counselling techniques mid-way through if you find it helpful. These can always be contracted into our programme later on if that is what you would like. It also depends upon your motivation and how much work you put into the process.

We will start off with a free 20 minute chat about what you want from the sessions and to formulate what structure and length of contract would suit you best. We then will arrange a 1 & 1/2 hour session in which we begin to clarify what you want to achieve and make a clear pathway for our work together. We will contract the number and length of sessions that we both agree will suit your needs best. You may decide to start with a 6 session package, or you may want it open-ended and to review it on a regular basis.

Executive coaching is normally set over 6 -12 months.
If over 6 months then we arrange 7 sessions, with the initial 2 sessions 2 weeks apart, and then one a month.
If over a 12-month period they are usually at either monthly or 2-monthly intervals.
All consultancy is clearly contracted between us to suit your needs.

6. Do we need to meet in person to have our sessions?

Although I like to have the first session face to face to help build a strong relationship, this is not a necessity. We can equally have succesful sessions through skype or telephone, or mix them together if it suits you or if circumstances change- you may be far from my practice locations of Dorset and central London, or may travel abroad during your work and want a session whilst you are away. This is easily attainable through these media .

7. Can anyone have Skype sessions with you?

Yes anyone with access to a computer, tablet or smart phone can use Skype. The software is free and easy to download and use. It means we can talk to each other from anywhere in the world.

8. Is Therapeutic Coaching the same as counselling?

Potentially it is an integration of coaching and counselling. However, whether we do pure coaching or blend counselling skills into the process is entirely up to you. If you get to a point where you think, (or I may suggest), that it could significantly help you to move more quickly towards your goal then we can quite simply change into that mode for a specific time, as agreed between us. Counselling techniques can be a powerful tool that clients really appreciate; and it is perhaps a rare opportunity to be able to be able to explore and change the more hidden depths of the psyche that shape our conscious decision-making and belief systems that we act from. Counselling within the coaching process can have a profound impact on how quickly and sustainably you can make the changes you desire.

9. What happens if I want to end the sessions?

If you don't want to continue - for whatever reason, you are able to terminate our contract with 1 months notice.

Hopefully, if you are finding it tough to reach your goals,you will be able to talk to me about it- it may be you need a different syle of support or have lost your motivation. It is possible that between us we can explore this and work out what you need for you to carry on. However, you may not want to, or may simply decide that it is no longer for you, and I fully respect that.

10. How do I make an appointment with you?

You can either email me and I can call you back so that we can arrange an initial phone conversation,or you can call me on :
01747 825288 /07966 002927

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