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Hear what some of my clients say about their journey with me:

"I went to see Helen to try and overcome some fears that I felt were holding me back in work and life. Not only did she coach me on immediate solutions to the panic and I now realise unfounded fears I might have, over the course of just three sessions she took me to the very route of where my insecurities lay. She allowed me to delve into what made me, the resources and stratagems I had used in the past to adapt for the future. I left a very much more confident, focussed person with a very clear goal and direction. I cannot thank her or recommend her enough." Fran.

“A few months ago, suddenly and unexpectedly, I found myself at a personal and professional crossroads with no idea about which path to take. Procrastination soon became my best friend-until I took some advice from a friend and has some professional coaching from Helen. I’m now happily self-employed with a clear idea of how best to develop my personal skills in the business world. It’s ben a real game changer for me, giving me the potential for a winning hand! Thank you so very much, Helen.”
Sue. Dorset

"I came to Helen in a really dark place, both physically and mentally. A long-term health condition left me feeling terrified, and unable to trust myself. After seeing Helen I became much more confident in speaking my truth and trusting my intuition. Helen gave me the tools I needed to find myself. Her radiant warmth, encouragement and patience enabled me to feel empowered again." Natasha.

I went to see Helen to seek help following the death of my brother- I felt lost and confused and no longer knew where my life was heading. Her approach felt perfectly tailored to my individual needs. In just a few sessions I found peace after a difficult time, and have got myself back on track for a happier future, and I am more productive in my business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Many thanks Helen. Adam.

"Seeing Helen helped me enormously. She made me feel very relaxed and I found it easy to talk to her and so untangle my thoughts and feelings. I could then find my way forward into a better way of life and greater happiness." Nicola.

"Helen is very calm and an excellent listener and shows genuine empathy. I feel she was able to help me evaluate my feelings and bring clarity to situations. I think she understands my situation perfectly. Helen helped me to process some childhood issues which helped me start to finally let go and be more at peace with life and certain family members. It’s also benefited my relationship with my husband and children too. It was invaluable being able to work through things as things started to become much clearer in my head as to why I felt certain ways and why I behaved in certain ways. I can now move freely towards my chosen life". Julia.

I was struggling with seeing any direction for my life. I had began to close down all of my goals and dreams I had previously had as I didn't see a way of being able to reach them. But with Helen's help I was able to get a much clearer view on what I'm wanted to strive for and achieve and how I was going to progress step by step to make these dreams a reality. Helen understood me and just got me completely. She was unable to help me unravel my mind and lay it all out in a way that felt positive, clear and very achievable. 6 months on and I am really enjoying my career and I know where I want to grow with it instead of feeling stagnant as I did previously. I am very excited at what my future will hold. My sessions with helen made me feel like I can actually take control of my life and that if I want to achieve something I can. I'm not doubting my self at all anymore. Helen is fantastic at just getting to the bottom and roots of it all and how to address the issues. Keeping it all on a positive track and making you believe in yourself. I would highly recommend her coaching. She did a fantastic job for me. Chloe. Cornwall.

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