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About me

I am a trained and qualified Therapeutic Coach, (also known as Personal Consultant), Coach, Counsellor and Trauma Therapist, with 20 years of experience of helping people across a broad "well-being" spectrum. I have helped a great variety of individual move forwards in their lives: from executives who have been under extreme pressure to excell in their performance, required to lead their organisations to the top of their industry, to individuals who want to make lifestyle changes and find more meaning in their lives. I have managed residential care for people with acute & chronic mental health issues, helping them recover a sense of self, safety, and autonomy as they have struggled to hold their daily lives together, and I have provided trauma therapy to dedicated and accomplished war veterans who have suffered trauma and loss of self through their duties; assisting them to rid themselves of the horrors of war and find a way to re-establish themselves back in civilian life. Each of my clients have had their challenges and successes. Each has required my understanding, empathy, support and care. Each of them has put in the dedication , time and effort to make the changes happen .

I belive that to be a good Therapeutic Coach I need to encourage you to move outside of your usual comfort zone and encouraging you to think and act differently. I will also highlight your strengths and successes when you don't recognise them. I will help you go further, see more possibilities, expand your thinking, increase your abilities, enhance your performance and improve your quality of life.

BSc(hons), PG.Dip. Personal Consultancy (Integrative Counselling and Coaching). Dip trauma Therapy. EMDR Therapy. Reiki Master.

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