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Executive Therapeutic Coaching

As an Executive you will be required to be at the top of your game. You will be in a high-pressure environment and expected to perform in many capacities. It is imperative that you are supported to reach your full potential and take the oppportunity to focus on yourself and your goals.
I will help you explore your thinking, current strategies and behaviours, and how this is determining your current capacities. From this perspective I will help you clarify what you want to achieve, and work out your unique pathway to developing yourself to the next level. Should you discover that you are stumblng at certain hurdles, I will help you unravel the aspects of your past or current belief systems, thinking or behavioural patterns that have been holding you back. By changing the hold these have on you, you can unlock your innate abiliities and reach your desired state of being.

The success of the Therapeutic Coaching is founded upon the develoment of a strong and robust relationship. This enables us to work effectively with well-founded and proven successful coaching and counselling strategies and techniques that will help you reach your goals.

Common areas of coaching include:

  • Increasing your mental and physical energy levels.
  • Improving communication skills and energising relationships.
  • Determining stress factors and decreasing stress levels.
  • Adjusting work-life balance to create a healthy life style.
  • Finding focus and clarity for performance targets.
  • Increasing leadership skills
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Developing resilience & mental strength.

  • How will it work?

    I will help you reflect on your thinking patterns, beliefs and actions, so enhancing your self-understanding. You will be able to explore and determine what you need to do to overcome barriers, enhance your current situation and reach your goals. I will be honest with you, and expect the same in return. I will challenge you when it will help you expand your thinking and grow in ability. I will support you, encourage you (even when it gets difficult), and will not be judgmental. Hopefully, I will also share some fun with you and make the experinece an enjoyable one- it is scientifically proven that having fun expands the neural pathways and helps create new thinking- not that we need an excuse. Everything we discuss will be held in strict confidence*.

    Initially we will meet or have a phone/skype session to determine whether we might want to work together. (This is free.)
    The first session usually lasts for one and a half to two hours and is used to look at what you would like to work on.
    Following session will be schedued to suit your needs, but are commonly fortnighlty, monthly or bi-monthly, depending upon need and circumstances. The consultancy process can be open-ended or contracted for a specific time period.

    In-between sessions I am available to e-mail and talk to you vai phone/skype. Additional sessions can be scheduled between us if you find circumstances change or you would like extra support. First and foremost I am here to help you.

    *If you are having business or executive Therapeutic Coaching and being funded through your organisation, it may be that some feedback as to the efficacy of the process is required. If so, it will be carefully discussed between all parties, and expectations will be clarified and made transparent before the onset of any coaching.

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