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About Therapeutic Coaching

If you want to be improve yourself, make changes to how you life your life, or increase your success, then therapeutic coaching (also sometimes called Personal Consultancy) can help you.

Therapeutic Coaching is coaching with an added extra: First and foremost, you will be given the space, structure, support and creative thinking arena to explore your goals, and find your own solutions to attaining them. I will suppport yu throughout this proces in during the stages of reaching for each furthering step. However, if you find that you have become stuck at any point, counselling techniques and skills can effectively help unravel any conflicts, beliefs and behaviours that have held you back from reaching your full potential so far. This means that you stand a far greater chance of getting to where you want to be. Coaching alone cannot do this. We can focus on the surface level of what you want to achieve, or delve a litle deeper into the inner beliefs and actions that have, so far, held you back. Whatever happens, (whether you want to avail yourself of any counselling or not) , the way we work together will always be via mutual agreement. You have full control, (after all, no one knows you as well as you do), and I will be your sounding board and skilled helper and support.

What can Therapeutic Coaching help with?

Personal consultancy can be used to help with any aspect of your life or work that you want to change.
Here are some examples of what you may want to achieve:

  • Clarity for your way forward in life/work
  • Increase your executive performance
  • Improve your work/life balance
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Set up your own business
  • Climb out of a rut
  • Remove your limiting beliefs
  • Boost your confidence
  • Increase your physical and emotional well-being

  • What should I expect?

    Therapeutic Coaching, like coaching and counselling, depends upon a solid and trusting relationship. I am commited to working with you in an honest and open manner. I will support you and help you determine your own goals and ways to reach them.
    Through careful listening and questioning I will help you deepen your understanding of yourself and your situation, and clarify where you really want to get to. Once that has been established, I will help you work out your own path, and support you throughout your journey.
    I may well push you outside your comfort zone, and challenge you when I believe that your thinking, beliefs or actions are not serving you well. In other words, I will champion you to become what you are able to be, rather than what you currently are.

    Everything we discuss will be held in strict confidence. If you are having business or executive consultancy and being funded through your organisation, it may be that some feedback as to the efficacy of the process is required. If so, it will be carefully discussed between all parties, and expectations will be clarified and made transparent before the onset of any coaching or consultancy.

    I will be available to support you through one-to-one meetings, telephone and skype.

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