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Life & Executive Coaching & Counselling in Central London, Sherborne & Gillingham, Dorset.

Bring the spark back into your life!

  • Are you feeling stuck in life and know you could be living differently, but not sure how to get there?

  • Do you want to attain more within your business, and need some support to find your success?

  • Would you like to access your untapped potential ?

    Therapeutic Coaching can help you explore where you are, and where you want to be, and then help you through your journey.

  • What is Therapeutic Coaching?

    Therapeutic Coaching is dynamic process of coaching with the addition, where useful and desired, of counselling skills and techniques. I will help you focus on your present situation, clarify what you want to achieve and coach and/or counsel you through your changes, (depending on your need and preference). Being given the time and space to explore what you want, and the potential ways you could achieve your goals may be enough enough to get you to where you want to be. However, if you find that it isn't quite working for you you may want to understand what is holding you back from moving forwards; if you find that you become stuck at a particular stage, (which is very common- otherwise, let's face it, we would all be at the top of our game!), I can help you discover what is preventing you reaching the success you desire, and so unlock your full potential. The blending of the two sets of complimentary skills is a unique and highly effective way to helping people move towards the life that they really want.

    What is Therapeutic Coaching used for?

    There is no exhaustive list of what this type of coaching can help with. Quite simply, it is a wonderful asset for anyone wanting to make positive changes to their life, whether personal or professional.

    Maybe you are an Executive wanting to improve your Professional performance, or achieve a better work/life balance? Perhaps you want to improve your prospects, overcome anxiety, stress, self-esteem or increase self-confidence? You may be searching for a sense of fulfilment, but don't know what that looks like, or be unhappy with your relationships? If you hold a high pressured role you might be seeking a coach to help you find better ways to deal with the stressful demands put upon you, and may want to find a healty work/life balance.

    I offer you the chance to take some time out to look at your situation with a fresh pair of eyes, think about what changes you may want to make, and support you as you change. It is an invaluable opportuntity for self-care as well as self-improvement. Executives operating in a system in which they need to be consistently on top of their game know the value of having a safe sounding board and support system in place. For many this type of suport is seen as a necessity.

    How can I help you?

    I will give you the space and support to explore your thinking and your actions, and help you find your own way. At the same time I may challenge your thinking, beliefs or actions, if I think it will help you. This may involve taking you outside your comfort zone so that that you can discover new possibilities for yourself. If you want to understand why you are not achieving something I will help you find out and then how to turn that around. Therapeutic Coaching is a partnership in which, together, we can determine what needs to happen to allow your strengths, skills and abilities to shine.

    I also work with a team of trusted, qualified and experienced coaches and therapists to provide larger organisations a bespoke and discrete package of Therapeutic Coaching. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

    Why use me?

    My name is Helen Lickerish and I am a therapist, counsellor, and Therapeutic Coach with 20 years of experience in helping people from all walks of life improve their lives. I am experienced and qualified in helping people find new ways to reach their goals. I help people manage all sorts of life issues; from wanting to change their lifestyle, attitudes or relationships, and find deeper meaning in life, to making career changes such as developing leadership skills, improving their communication skills and enhancing work/life balance. I am also a specialist in stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and emotional trauma.

    I have a practice as an executive coach and life coach, counsellor and trauma therapist in Central London (EC2N), Gillingham, Milborne Port & Sherborne in Dorset.
    I work face to face with my clients as well as via phone and skype, and some prefer to have me consult with them at their place of work.
    I am committed to providing executive and personal development coaching in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.
    I also work closely with coaches and therapists specialising in addictions and can refer on to appropriate sources of help when required.

    Read the latest comments on my services:

    "It’s been a real game changer for me, giving me the potential for a winning hand! Thank you so very much, Helen.”

    Sue. Dorset

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